J.Lo’s L’Oreal True Match. More like False Match

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The makeup of our skin is truly a representation of our bloodline. My mother is Colombian and my father is Peruvian. My skin is a combination of European influences on my mother’s side and Native American/ Indegious Inca influences on my fathers side. All of these elements which I am proud to say make up the pallet of my skin color.

I’m a fan of embracing all  the components of our identity. So when I first saw the L’Oreal True Match Commercial with Beyonce, which broke down her ethnic background, I was ecstatic to say the least.

Theres a story behind my skin. It’s a mosaic of all the faces before it. <—- A foundation awkknowledging the many components to the color of our skin? Yes please! At least thats what I thought until I saw Jennifer Lopez’s version of the commercial.

100% Puerto Rican? No breakdown? What happened to the acknowledgment of the ethnical composition to One’s skin color? That’s what I loved about the commercial but Loreal failed to fully represent that.

Unlike Beyonce’s multi racial representation, Jenneifer Lopez is apparently just Puerto Rican. 100% Puerto Rican? Last time I checked Puerto Rican is not a race or ethnicity. More like 100% bullshit, Loreal!

Beyonce’s Loreal True Match commercial has gotten a lot of backlash from the Black community because of beliefs that the breakdown of her ethnicity dilutes her blackness especially when in comparison to Jennifer Lopez’s ad.

I agree with Alexis Garrett Stodghil from The Grio,  if Jennifer Lopez is 100% Puerto Rican than why not have Beyonce %100 Black. But I’d like to propose another question: Why would L’oreal break down Beyonce’s ethnicity and not Jennifer Lopez’s? More of a concern, why didn’t the Latin community (or at least the Puerto Rican community) raise any concerns the way the Black community did?

Easy. Because Puerto Rican’s didn’t have a problem with it, which may be an even bigger concern. Having pride of where you came from is fabulous because as the Loreal commercial said “it tells a story”. Unfortunetly many indiviuals are ignoring or shall I say…..denying themselves of the full story.

We have to take pride in the absolute truth. And the truth is, if you’re Puerto Rican; than you have African, European and native (Indigenous) anscestry.

That’s the TRUE MATCH of J.Lo’s skin.

100% Puerto Rican


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  1. Tracie

    May 6, 2013 - Reply

    When I saw the commercial today, I was like “what?” Puerto Rico is a PLACE not a RACE. So just because you’re Puerto Rican doesn’t mean you aren’t Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, etc. The ad should have said 100% HISPANIC. Not Puerto Rican. That’s like saying I’m 100% American, lol. And Beyoncé’s ad saying she’s French. What does a language have to do with your skin? Does she mean she speaks French? I don’t understand. People are so dumb. Wow.

    • naj

      August 22, 2013 - Reply

      The listed Beyonce’s ETHNICITIES because her father is African American and her mother is African American, Native American and French mix (YES people’s nationality can be French it’s not just a language) aka Creole meaning her parents aren’t both strictly African American, and I can’t understand why you are trying to make this a Black vs. Hispanic debate, they listed Jennifer Lopez as 100% Puerto Rican because that’s most likely what she TOLD them to list her as! She probably has a Puerto Rican mother and father! You completely missrd the purpose of this commercial, it was not to give a history lesson on the breakdown of what makes up the Puerto Rican nationality… Most African American’s are mixed with other ethnicities down the line but it’s really not as deep as you’re making it out to be… For God’s sake it’s a friggin’ MAKEUP commercial! SMH

  2. Terri Minnich

    August 26, 2013 - Reply

    When I first saw the commercial, I was offended that J. Lo’s felt more Puerto Rican than American but then I realized that Loreal was making a half hearted attempt to represent that their makeup was supposedly made for multiple skin tones. Does being 100% of any race make J.Lo special? Loreal did not do justice to people, from other races who are 100%., i.e. Mexican, African American, Polynesia, etc. There are so many other ways to get the message across regarding skin tones other than to bring race into the picture. I’m a true product of the “melting pot” of races here in America, so where do I fit in? The commercial sucks!

  3. lin

    October 27, 2013 - Reply

    Puerto Ricans are a mixed race mostly from Africans, Europeans and Indian (Taino). But we have also some corso (french and italian) heritage, thats why our skin is sometimes very different from other latinos. My skin is almost like a very yellow undertone, im not white nor black.. so in my case I identify with the loreal add, for me is very difficult to find a foundation that matches my skin tone and doesnt have to do with my heritage… I’m a proud mix Puerto Rican!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. monserrat herrera

    November 19, 2013 - Reply

    Wow I just saw this commercial i really find it out of place for them to state “100% puerto rican at the beginning of this commercial, i mean does this mean that you have to be 100% puerto rican to have skin that is perfect!? um No. im forth representing your culture and race but I think they went a little overboard that should have said “latina ” or something to the sort . Not only puerto ricans have beautiful skin. Non the less she doesnt even know her language. rediculous!


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